Why invest in Olaplex?

Our Olaplex services are carried out in our Wash House, so be prepared for tranquility.

Suitable for all hair types. Insurance for your hair.

Olaplex allows us to carry out colour changes that once weren’t possible, without causing damage. Olaplex is a saviour! It allows us to be more creative and achieve far greater levels of lift during the bleaching/ colouring process as it protects the hair whilst the colour is developing.

- Prevents colour fade

- Enhances shine

- Prevents split ends

- Restores extremely broken/ damaged hair

- Unlike normal conditioning treatments, Olaplex doesn’t wash out of the hair

- No animal testing, Olaplex doesn’t contain any bad silicones

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Ways we offer Olaplex...

Deluxe Olaplex - £42.50

Deluxe with colour - £38.50

Olaplex express (no2 only) - £25

Maintain your olaplex at home with:

Olaplex NO3 - £32.50

Olaplex NO4 - £26.50

Olaplex NO5 - £26.50

Olaplex NO6 - £32

Olaplex NO7 - £32